turkcell-wifiDo you want to check your email, Twitter or Facebook from your holiday home? In most resorts it is possible to access the internet for free at the common pool or restaurant. Also wifi-access is provided in most places but many times not working inside your home.

Although the Internet in Turkey is very popular and easily accessible, the connections are not always reliable.

Sometimes there is a power failure or there are too many users at the same time making the connection is slow or non accessible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee a stable internet connection in Turkey.

SIDEV wants to offer her clients to receive a WIFI connection. Whether you are in your holiday home, on the beach or enjoying a drink on the terrace: we offer you the best solution.

SIDEV rents out WIFI devices suitable for laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Each WIFI device is able to connect up to 5 different mobile devices to the internet.

We charge 100 Turkish Liras per week including 1 GB. Your advantage is that you are not dependent on the communal access of the resort and you can enjoy your WIFI connection everywhere.

Would you like to add your WIFI device to your stay? Please inform us in time!

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