HES Code

As of October 1, 2020, Turkey has introduced the HES code for residents and tourists.

On the basis of the HES code, the state can find out when and where they were, whether there were infected people in your area, whether they were among people despite the quarantine obligation. So it serves to prevent and slow the spread of the virus. The HES code ensures that those who have been exposed to the disease or have come into contact with patients must isolate themselves and stay at home.

The HES code is now mandatory for everyone.

It is required for visiting public institutions, companies, banks, flights, bus trips, notaries, associations, public offices, hospitals, hotels, motels, hostels, guesthouses, airports etc …

You can only request a HES code via a Turkish mobile phone.
If you want me to have a HES code for your application, I need your passport with the name in your passport as well as your year of birth. I will then request the code for € 5 per request. You will receive a photo from me with your HES code so that you can save it on your phone and always have it with you when you come to Turkey.

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