Many foreign home owners who have a residence in Turkey regularly ask us advice on a wide range of matters.

They would like to get more information about for example:

* How do I arrange a residence permit?
* Do I need a will in Turkey?
* What about the law of succession for my home in Turkey?
* What should I do in case of death of my partner with my title deed?
* Where can I translate documents such as a passport?
* Where can I arrange my insurances?
* What is the procedure if I want to buy a car in Turkey?
* What should I do to get a power of attorney?
* Can you guide us with the sale/purchase of our property?
* Who can help me to arrange an expertise report neccesary if I sell my home?

All these questions made us to decide to expand the services of SIDEV with a Department Consultancy.

Do you have any questions in which you want our advice and/or guidance?
We will be happy to help you!

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