In Side you can pay with both the Euro and the Turkish Lira, although the official currency is of course the Turkish Lira. The Lira can be very favourable stand vis-à-vis the Euro and therefore it may be interesting for switching to the Lira. We advise you not to exchange money at the airport or in your home country.

Exchange rates in Turkey are always more favourable. If you pay with Euro, please notice if they used the correct exchange rate (see newspapers or exchange offices). In Side and Manavgat are various banks located. In addition, there are many exchange offices. You will find ATM’s in various locations where you can pin Euro’s or Turkish Liras. Please note that some banks are taking commission if you pin with your Dutch bankcard Turkish Liras or Euro’s. The local exchange offices handling often the best exchange rates without commission. Use only the ATM’s from a bank. Pin never in a currency exchange office.

Please be careful don’t forget to take your bankcard out of the ATM. Should this happen please inform directly your bank in your home country and the bank where you pinned your money in Turkey.

If you need a Visa for Turkey we advise you to get your visa before departure and print it out. You can obtain via the online e-Visa system on the official website

Please inform yourself well about entry papers for Turkey like a visa and that your passport will be valid also after leaving Turkey most countries up to 60 days.