During your stay in Side, it is definitely recommended to visit Kas in combination with Demre.

Laundered houses built cascading along the revolving mountain roads that shows you the way to the beautiful beaches and a harbor that reminds you that life is actually very good and that while you are in Kas it is best that you quickly adapt to the Mediterranean lifestyle.
Many of the houses in Kas are covered with pink spark flowers that remind you immediately of the influence of Greek architecture in some of the older houses. Typical wooden shutters, narrow streets and large terraces to enjoy the sun.

You can undertake a visit to Kas with an organized excursion, but you can certainly do well individually. From Side you can drive to Kas with a rental car approx. 260 km journey time approx. 4 hours. The last part is the coastal road, which means that the travel time takes a little longer, but you are driving through a beautiful environment, so that you can fully enjoy your journey. Kas has many small hotels and guest houses. It is advisable to book your overnight stay in advance. Kas has a nice harbor with restaurants and bars. Restaurant Noel Baba is definitely a winner. Ruins of the ancient city of Antiphellos stand among the modern buildings of Kas.

In Kas, Hideaway hotel is a beautiful location to spend the night.

Kas can also be used as a base to visit one of the many ancient Lycian cities and archaeological excavations. Demre, Patara, Xanthos, Letoon, Saklikent and Tlos are good options for this.

The sunken city of Kekova is one of the less visited historical highlights of Turkey, a port city from the second century that crashed into the sea after an earthquake. A visit is definitely worth it. You can take a boat trip from Kas to the sunken city or drive your own car with your rental car to Kekova and rent a boat with captain there. A wonderful experience with beautiful views.