Scuba diving is a great activity that can be done by experienced divers, but definitely also by newcomers and children. It is an activity for the whole family!

You can discover a world that others cannot see or only dream of. Unlike snorkeling, with diving you can really enter that other, almost magical world. With the addition of this activity to your vacation, you will have an unparalleled experience!

Purpose and method:

The main goal is to ensure that you as a guest gets an unforgettable scuba diving experience. You are on a well-deserved vacation and time is precious. This is why the dive center is trying to adjust to the best time that suits you. As you may know, some dive centers will pick you up in the morning with their boats, where you will spend the entire day with dozens of other guests.

The method of Side Azura diving center is therefore different. We do not like to take part in the ‘mass production’ as other centers might do. The owners consider it very important that you have the choice to learn at your own pace with diving in a safe environment. However, even with this additional service, the whole program takes not more than 2 hours.

We have available options designed especially for you, so you still have enough time for other activities. Possible you dive with other vacationers, but the group will always remain small.
In this way you get the attention you deserve. Side Azura dive center is owned by the Dutch Gee and her Turkish husband Sinan. The dive center offers many opportunities for almost any age. It is possible to dive from 8 years and they provide the opportunity for children to experience their first experience in a safe environment.

It is possible to book a single dive, but perhaps one of the attractive discount packages or a full course will interest you. The following locations are offered:

  • Pool: The standard depth of 140 cm is perfect for young divers, trainings, try-outs, and for beginners who want to give it a try despite fears or nervousness. For the children are pool games offered with full diving equipment. A bladefish (underwater scooter) may also be used.
  • Beach: Children and adults who do not like deep dives can dive from the beach or the pier. Especially for beginners, it is a good start if you think that the pool is too dull. You just need to suit up and walk into the sea.
  • House Reef (Turtle Reef): The most popular location is “Turtle Reef” and you can guess why! At this location, you can not only see a lot of fish but in the summer you also have great opportunity to dive with large, beautiful turtles.
  • Side Underwater Museum: This is a new dive site for divers. It is the second underwater museum in the world and first in Europe. The museum is divided into five sections with depths ranging between 7 and 25 meters. The site has several dioramas, including ‘Whirling Dervishes’, ‘War of Independence’, ‘the temple of Poseidon, caravan of camels’ and ‘Flower Garden’ and contains a total of 110 sculptures.
  • Wreck Diving: For advanced divers, it is possible to go wreck diving. The name of the wreck is TCSG-117 (Turkish Sea Guard). The wreck has his final resting place since 2008 and is located about 3 km off the coast of Side. The length of the wreck is 30 meters and the maximum depth is 25 meters.
  • In addition to these, there are several other dive sites for beginners and certified divers. For a complete list, please contact the diving center: info@side-azura.com